"I highly recommend Minji for any career development or mentoring needs as she has an extraordinarily kind and thoughtful approach to helping her clients identify their strengths, while helping them strategically map out the direction for their future.”  

Brand Content Manager,
Williams-Sonoma & Podcast Host

Sarah Woehler


"I’ve found an intuitive coach whose tech background includes cultural competency, structure and flexibility and has a bias for immediate application and action for tech people like me. Minji pays attention to my values and inner world and has built my confidence for me to achieve my goals and become a better version of myself.  She embodies a unique blend of personable, spiritual and practical qualities that empower me every time we meet."

Technical Solutions Consultant,
Diversity and Inclusion,

Maggie Huang


"Minji has been instrumental in coaching me through a recent pivot point in my career. Her impressive experience, empathy, and structured coaching activities have already led me to the job of my dreams!"

Lead Product Designer

Carol Chen


"Having worked with Minji, we've created a personalized experience customized to my life and needs. I've seen results that I can easily sustain with my busy lifestyle. For anyone who wants an efficient and effective way to create long-lasting change, I highly recommend Minji's coaching services."

Real Estate Developer

Nisha Yan


"I’ve had many advisors at various stages of my life and quite honestly I’ve never been more impressed than I have been by Minji. She is a genuine pleasure to work with and will be an incredible asset to you whether your goals are personal, professional or both."

Founder, Girl Geek Dinners

Angie Chang


"Minji's series really helped me shift my mindset from survival mode to feeling like I had options for spending my energy and time in ways that better aligned with my values and my vision for myself. If you're a working mom seeking support in prioritizing the changes you want to make and figuring out how to make them,
I highly recommend working with Minji."

Director, Health Care Program, UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education

Laurel Lucia


"I recommend Minji’s services to anyone who feels it's a time for a change, but scared to make a step and doesn't know where to start. Minji adjusts to the mood of yours at the moment and still holds space through the structure of our session and through action. She is with me, dives deep, holds my hand and together we emerge."

Auditor, Ernst & Young;
Stay at Home Parent

Lidiya Lukashova


“Observant, intuitive, articulate, and insightful, Minji has a masterful ability to teach me how to remove the roadblocks that prevent me from living my passion and purpose. I came to Minji because I had been in a rut with my photography career and had felt unmotivated, uncreative, and unfocused. Her holistic approach to coaching enabled me to evaluative the self-imposed limitations and restraints in my life and pursue a more efficient plan of action. She gave me the tools I needed to identify and strengthen my own competencies and taught me to advocate for my own personal and professional needs. As a result of her coaching services, I’ve been regaining confidence in my abilities and am once again creating truly impressive work that inspires myself and others. Even my husband remarked that I’ve been producing my best work yet as a result of the guidance Minji has provided me!"

Professional Photographer

Hanh Nguyen

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