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Here is a virtual carebox to help support your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health so that you have strength and can support those around you. We hope that you stay healthy and safe during these uncertain times. 


With care, 


Self Care and Resilience 21-Day Challenge

Try this fun challenge with your friends and family

Practicing Mindfulness

Written steps to practice mindfulness

Self Care Audit

Take this simple assessment to learn more about areas you spend energy and where to shift focus in order to refuel

Body Scan

Written steps for a 3-minute guided body scan meditation

Practical Self Care Tips during Shelter
in Place

Here is a selection of simple self care practices to fuel your energy, productivity and focus throughout the day



Here are some simple & immediately applicable breathing exercises to help calm your nervous system

Resilience Practices

Here is a list of resilience practices during stressful times

Foods that Fuel

Here is a selection of high energy, nourishing foods that fuel