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After years of achievement and accomplishment, you’ve made it this far. But deep inside you know that this direction doesn’t authentically reflect who you are but you feel stuck not knowing which direction you should go.


  • Personal values

  • Strengths

  • Vision

  • Ideal environment

  • Goal Setting



You’ve spent the past decade climbing the corporate ladder and have your eyes on the prize- become an executive, people manager or domain expert. You are also feeling the tension of balancing home/family life with a potential shift. What to do?


  • Authentic leadership brand

  • Values and Priorities

  • Design your life to get you there

  • Goal Setting


While you may have set out thinking you knew what to do, suddenly life throws its wobblers at you and now you’re left with an opportunity to figure things out and navigate through ambiguity.

Private Coaching [common themes]

  • Returning to work

  • Single Parent

  • Career changes

  • Offramping from work


Minji is a genuine pleasure to work with and will be an incredible asset to you whether your goals are personal, professional or both.

Angie Chang, 

Founder of Girl Geek X

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