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What is integral coaching?

Integral coaching is an equal working relationship between the Coach and the Client in a collaborative and creative process that inspires and supports the client to maximize their personal and professional potential. Coaching means building an individual’s competence to better face life circumstances.


The integral coaching process is designed to guide the client through a process of self-exploration and observation through conversations, positive inquiry, reflection exercises, and pragmatic “practices.” The body of work is designed to help the client gain awareness of challenges and opportunities in their life and to help them develop skills, competencies, behaviors and attitudes to help improve performance and effectiveness over time.


Coaching is integral because we include everything about the client and the client’s world in coaching. This includes what the client is aware of along with their potential—what could be brought about through focused, skillful methods. We bring forth a view of the client that includes how the client represents themselves and also investigates their social world, habits, relationship with their physical health, the quality of self-care, the amount of attention and energy available to take on change, and much more.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Coaching is not therapy. It’s not psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mental health care or substance abuse treatment. Therapy addresses past events and how those events may be affecting you in the present. Coaching addresses the present and future, and recommends certain actions that enable you to reach your stated goals in your business or personal life. These recommendations are based on the coach’s knowledge, skills and expertise.

What is expected of me?

We will partner with each other in an open, supportive and constructive manner at all times. You are fully responsible for actions made and actions you take.

Where will I meet my coach?

In-person in the SF Bay Area, or anywhere via zoom [google hangouts, facebook messenger or any other video conferencing feature]

What is the price of the coaching program?

Please reach out to Minji Wong for pricing.

What are outcomes to coaching?

Successful coaching leaves people with the following outcomes:

  1. Long-term excellence (in whatever realm you choose to focus)

  2. The ability to “self-correct,” or make effective personal adjustments after the coaching engagement has ended

  3. Competence in “self-generating,” the ability to initiate and realize personal growth on your own after the coaching engagement is through

How do I know that I'm ready for coaching?

You’re halfway- you already made it this far! But in seriousness, individuals who are ready are willing to take action, open to designing a new life, ready to take charge and excited to embrace personal transformation

Do I need to commit to several coaching sessions?

Minji is a genuine pleasure to work with and will be an incredible asset to you whether your goals are personal, professional
or both.

Angie Chang, 

Founder of Girl Geek X

Yes. Long-term transformative results involve the opportunity to practice and successfully apply newfound insights and skills. As such,  the target is for 3-6 month partnership

How long is each coaching session?

Each coaching session lasts for 45 minutes

How often will I meet with my coach?

We will determine a meeting cadence that is optimal with your lifestyle. Contingent on the area identified for coaching, on average clients usually meet once every two weeks for six months and oftentimes choose to extend longer in duration.

Do you guarantee results from coaching?

You are fully responsible for obtaining your desired results. If you are committed to your goals, we can work towards achieving them. The coaching process involves a dynamic partnership between the client and coach where a customized development plan is crafted with relevant practices, actionable tools and action planning that contribute the new learning into your life, leading to your results.

Do you guarantee privacy of my info?

Absolutely. Privacy is one of many cardinal rules established by the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics.